C & C C.M.I. Services

C & C is dedicated to providing the best-in-industry services for our clients


When you partner with C & C for pre-construction services, our staff works closely with your design team to ensure that the design maximizes value. Our expertise during the conceptual and design phases minimizes changes and surprises down the road, ensuring that the project can stay on schedule and within budget.

Pre-Construction Services Include


  • Feasibility studies
  • Site evaluation
  • Geotech testing and surveys

Schematic Design

  • Preliminary estimate based on Historical Benchmark Cost Data
  • Site visits to evaluate existing conditions and limit unforeseen challenges

Design Development

  • Design input and feedback 
  • Constructibility reviews
  • Value engineering
  • Progress pricing


A commitment to creating a safe work environment. Dedication to creating lasting relationships with our clients. A focus on quality workmanship, strong communication, and resourceful problem-solving. These are the hallmarks of our work.

Construction Services Include


Safety is C & C’s top priority. Our team works continually to maintain a safe working environment. Our safety officer visits every site throughout the project to ensure compliance with OSHA requirements, establish that every team member and subcontractor has received the proper training, and to conduct toolbox talks to reiterate site-specific hazards and safe work practices.

Quality Control

C & C’s quality management system includes comprehensive operating procedures, checklists, and proper employee training to ensure an outstanding final product. Our quality assurance officers meet with onsite superintendents regularly to ensure that company expectations are met and to conduct a thorough commissioning process. Our team members and our subcontractors understand our commitment to quality and never accept “good enough.” Our stringent quality control results in expedited turnover to the owner.


Our clients know what’s happening at every stage of the pre-construction and construction process so there are no unexpected surprises. C & C uses Procore to organize communication across the entire project team, including the owner, architects, consultants and subcontractors to streamline RFI submittals and drawing approvals and to provide a weekly look-ahead schedule to all team members. C & C’s real-time communication systems reduce delays at every phase of a project.

We often work on projects that involve updating occupied facilities, so we are accustomed to communicating closely with the entire community, including residents and staff, to minimize disruptions as much as possible.


C & C uses cloud-based construction management software to keep all necessary project information updated and accessible in real time, including schedules, safety inspections, photos, and documentation, increasing efficiency and streamlining communication.

We use Building Information Modeling (BIM) during the design phase to aid in planning and problem-solving and during the construction phase to model coordination of all building systems and minimize conflicts.

C & C implements drone deploy to support pre-construction documentation; complete construction development surveys; and to document project progress during construction.

C & C Construction staff undergoing safety training
C & C Construction staff undergoing safety training