C & C Construction Management Inc.

Construction At Pines Village


C & C Construction has been working hard to renovate apartments on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd floors of Pines Village. Here is what has been happening behind the walls during construction.

Demolition, Layout and Jackhammering Ground Floor

In the first phase of construction, our crews removed the interior of the existing apartment walls, floors, and ceilings; including mechanical units, plumbing fixtures and electrical fixtures and devices.
Once all the rooms were cleared out on the first floor, our Superintendent and the Master Plumber laid out the new plumbing locations for new showers/tubs, toilets and sinks.

This photo illustrates our laborers jackhammering (very noisy) the existing concrete. Once the concrete was broken up, it was removed, and hand excavated for all new underground plumbing work.

Excavation, Reinforcing Steel and Placement of Concrete

These photos indicate backfilling the trenches, reinforcing the trenches with rebar and placement of the new concrete.

Dust Control

Framing of interior partitions and rough wiring

Shoring to Enlarge the Apartments

Installation of engineered shoring to support the existing structure to allow for new masonry openings.