Founded in 1990, C & C Construction Management Inc. strives to continually raise the bar in the quality and services we provide.

We have built our reputation based on a philosophy of high morals and loyalty to our clients.

Our goal is to build lasting relationships with our clients achieved through satisfying their objectives through quality workmanship and projects completed on time and within budget.

We strive to be resourceful, creative and solution-oriented giving us the ability to offer new and innovative approaches to all problem solving.

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C&C combines our first-class personnel with the latest in construction innovation to deliver best-in-industry services. Our integration of modern technologies and processes allows for seamless communication, enhanced cost effectiveness and greater project efficiency. We strive to consistently innovate and adapt to get projects done on schedule and on budget.

BIM Modeling 

We use Building Information Modeling (BIM) during the design phase to aid in planning and problem-solving and during the construction phase to model coordination of all building systems and minimize conflicts.


C & C uses Procore to organize communication across the entire project team, including the owner, architects, consultants and subcontractors to streamline RFI submittals and drawing approvals and to provide a weekly look-ahead schedule to all team members.

Site Cameras

C & C uses site cameras for surveillance, capturing timelapse, as well as capturing video for each project. Site cameras also allow owners, and offsite workers to see live progress of the project.

Ground Improvement Technologies & Alternate Foundation Methods

360 Progress and walkthroughs

360 walkthroughs give both off site workers and owners a fully immersive walkthrough of the entire facility during construction. This technology allows C & C to see progress, make important decisions while offsite, and collaborate with all trades on current field conditions.